Cialis Online: Testosterone Killer of White Products for 50-Years Old Named


Men should avoid fatty meat and soda.

Two main factors influence male potency – the level of libido and the quality of an erection. It is in the absence of problems in these areas that a man has a stable intimate life. A malfunction in the hormonal system affects the production of testosterone, and unhealthy blood vessels interfere with the filling of the penis with blood.

To avoid problems with potency, experts recommend abandoning a number of products that cause violations in the field of male health. This is especially true after 50 years.

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Confectionery, carbonated sugary drinks – everything that contains fast carbohydrates will adversely affect the presence of sexual desire. Frequent consumption of such products causes disturbances in the hormonal system of men, accumulating female hormones. Fatty animal products are harmful for the same reason: in the production of sausages and meat with a high fat content, hormonal supplements are often used that inhibit the production of testosterone and impair the quality of seminal fluid.

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking also disrupt the production of hormones and worsen the condition of blood vessels, causing problems not only with potency, but throughout the body as a whole. Chips, crackers and other fast food contain a huge number of preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes, the effect of which has not yet been fully studied. However, their effect on the reproductive system is clearly negative.

Experts say that occasional consumption of these products will not cause a big problem. However, the systematic inclusion of such food and drinks in the diet will do great harm to men’s health. To increase potency, doctors recommend eating bananas, walnuts, and milk.