Other White Slabs


Other Popular In-stock White Slabs 

¾”  &  1 ¼”

The following slabs are listed in ascending order of the width


¾” Slabs (Light Color)



0.75x89x72 Statuarietto



0.75x89x72 Statuarietto



0.75x89x72 Statuarietto



0.75x90x56 Bianco Lasa Gold



0.75x92x63 Oyster White



0.75x96x49 Bianco Dolomiti



0.75x96x60 Lilac


0.75x98x82 Bianco Silky


0.75x99x44 Arabescato


0.75x100x51 White Carrara

0.75x100x55 Bianco Dolomiti


0.75x100x70 Alabastro


0.75x103x61 Bianco Dolomitti(1)


0.75x104x61 Tuscan Super White


0.75x104x66 Calacatta Apuano


0.75x104x67 Calacatta Carara

0.75x105x77 Arabescato Extra


0.75x106x70 White Gioia


0.75x107x61 Calacatta Lincoln



0.75x108x79 Bianco Lasa


0.75x110x64 Bianco Lasa


0.75x111x63 Arabescato


0.75x111x78 Statuary


0.75x113x50 Nestos P_


0.75x113x55 Bianco Civic


0.75x113x61 Statuario Select


0.75x113x68 Bianco Namibia


0.75x114x75 White Gioia


0.75x115x48 Calacatta Paonazo


0.75x115x77 Onda Bianca


0.75x116x65 Bianco Rhino


0.75x116x66 Statuario Wow


0.75x116x71 Calacatta Esmerald


0.75x116x73 Statuario Supreme


0.75x116x74 Statuario Extra


0.75x116x77 Calacatta Venato


0.75x117x58 Calacatta Paonazza


0.75x117x59 White Carrara


0.75x117x72 Vietnam White


0.75x118x60 Arabescato


0.75x118x60 Lilac


0.75x118x72 Oyster White


0.75x119x70 Statuarietto(2)


0.75x119x70 Statuarietto


0.75x120x65 Arabescato Extra


0.75x121x73 Imperial Dambo


0.75x121x75 Calacatta Caldia


0.75x124x75 Calacatta Venato


0.75x124x76 Calacatta Venato


0.75x128x72 Mountain White


0.75x132x62 Calacatta Oro


0.75x132x77 Oyster White


0.75x133x76 Calacatta Brasile


0.625x81x78 Bianco Dolomite



1 ¼” Slabs (Light Color)



1.25x89x68 Calacatta Cararra



1.25x101x55 Gray Exclusive


1.25x105x60 Calacatta Cervaiole


1.25x106x70 White Gioia

1.25x108x65 Arabescato


1.25x109x66 Vietnam White


1.25x110x65 Arabescato


1.25x111x60 Olimpic Grey


1.25x112x75 White Carrara


1.25x112x77 White Carrara_


1.25x113x58 Calacatta Vagli


1.25x114x66 Elegant White


1.25x114x74 Bianco Nambia


1.25x115x62 Calacatta Cervaiole


1.25x115x73 Arabescato


1.25x116x61 Calacatta Supreme


1.25x116x66 Calacatta Lincoln


1.25x116x68 Calacatta Borghini


1.25x116x68 Tuscan Super White


1.25x116x69 Statuarietto Extra


1.25x116x76 Calacatta Venato


1.25x116x78 Statuario Venato


1.25x118x50 Siberian Sky


1.25x118x67 Naxos White


1.25x118x76 Calacatta Lincoln


1.25x119x57 Yellow Symphony


1.25x119x68 Calacatta Apuano


1.25x119x68 White Carrara Grigio


1.25x120x77 White Gioia


1.25x121x74 Calacatta Caldia



1.25x123x67 Bianco Rhino

1.25x123x74 Calacatta Venato(1)


1.25x125x65 Calacatta Black(2)


1.25x125x65 Calacatta Black


1.25x127x73 Calacatta Manhattan


1.25x127x79 White Carrara


1.25x128x76 Tuscan Super White


1.25x131x77 White Gioia



2” Slabs (Light Color)



2x111x59 White Venato



2x124x73 White Venato