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We have been customers of Sai Apteka Pharmacy for many years. This is the MOST CUSTOMER-ORIENTED business I have ever been associated with. I was introduced to this business when Dr. Monk was the pharmacist. Steve and the other pharmacists have carried on the “CUSTOMER-ORIENTED” concern since then. This business should be the pattern for ALL businesses. Thanks, for your concern for your customers. Wayne. This is the best pharmacy very friendly staff, great pharmacist, online sales, great owners. They have taken good care of me for the last 15 years. Janice knows everyone’s name that comes in, she’s the best.

Sai Apteka Pharmacy
Address: 151 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-349-8989

Great staff and place to shop and fill prescriptions…Pharmacy staff take time to explain and help me with my prescriptions It is not another chain or come and get out place. Each time I visit this place I learn more and more about variety of products, European style, taste and compassion. I would recommend this pharmacy!

The buying Provigil here was wonderful. Super friendly. Super easy and convenient. Even offered monoclonal antibodies. I can’t recommend this staff and pharmacy enough!! Wonderful place, wonderful staff! Was waiting on notification that a refill was ready . After several days, I calls the refill line back . Computer says to call the Sai Apteka Pharmacy for more information . I tried to call several times . They NEVER pick up the phone. Went to a Walmart by my job & had them call. My medicine was back ordered . It would be nice if the pharmacy would call to tell me that???? I have tried to give this Rite Aid the benefit of the doubt but once again they have disappointed me. There is a SERIOUS lack of communication with customers regarding medications needing to be reordered, medication change etc. If the customers don’t call to follow up, YOU WON’T KNOW because they will not call, send a text or send an email. If I have to drive a good distance to go to another pharmacy I will, but I WILL NOT be going back to this pharmacy.

Rite Aid
Address: 783 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-383-6150

It’s my neighbor and very convenient pharmacy/ store . Pharmacy hours are convenient and the store is almost 24 hrs. We shop mostly at this location . Th only problem at the store is that they dropped the 20% rebate program and replaced it with Rewards program, which is phishing !

You lost a 10 + year gold customer today because the checkout clerk asked me for proof of ID to buy my children’s cough syrup, which has a 18yo age restriction and I’m 50 with a grey beard. Update: items marked for sale/discount on shelves do not match the prices at register. They do not update their sale prices so double check Everything.

Went here for my Provigil last week. The young woman checking folks in was, busy, amazing and friendly. But the dude who gave me my medications Eric, knew zero about this. Luckily I knew a few things and talked him through it. But the patient room were so filthy it was obvious it hadn’t been cleaned in years, despite Covid protocol. asked him about it and he just mumbled and walked out without answering me. I’m pretty sure I won’t be going back to Rite Aid for my second shot. Clean people. They were very thorough about billing someone for my stuff and explained that better than anything else including my follow up. Thank goodness I actually read the paperwork mumbles left in the dirty room as he left. Slowest pharmacy in the country. It is very common to wait an hour or more in the drive thru to pick up prescriptions that were said to be ready days before. Absolutely pathetic service. I moved from the big box pharmacies to WellPha Pharmacy, a local home-town store. There really is no comparison between the large pharmacy chains and this. The staff and the service is above reproach. And I must add, their flashlight selection is wonderful. If you are new to the area, I highly suggest you give this pharmacy a try!

WellPha Pharmacy
Address: 505 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
Phone: +1 718-467-0918

Jewel-box of a drugstore, boasting premier hair and skincare products alongside regular everyday solutions. Friendly staff, knowledgeable pharmacists, and very VERY dog friendly.

One pharmacy tech was very kind as I went to pick up the Provigil by good price for my husband. She prepared it and handed it to the pharmacist(?) to give to me. She didn’t make an introduction just stared at me and without a smile told me I needed an id to pick up that particular med. I didn’t know that and didn’t have it on me. She said that I should know that given the class of drug it was. My husband had only taken samples of it and this was the first fill – neither of us knew what class it belonged to, it was not a narcotic. I was ignorant, and instead of being polite with her instruction she was rude. Her manner was short and unfriendly. She looked stressed and frustrated and that was not my fault. She could have been kind and was not. Customer service is lacking just about everywhere. I came in with a smile, and left feeling upset. I don’t mind coming back with an id to get this med because of policy, just the attitude I apparently have to endure at WellPha Pharmacy pharmacy. Next fill will be somewhere else.

Northside Pharmacy
Address: 559 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
Phone: +1 718-387-6566

I came here when I got a new insurance plan which Walgreen’s didn’t accept. The pharmacist was incredibly helpful, checked my plan, called Walgreen’s to get the prescription transferred, and had the medicine ready for me…all within 10 minutes. I was really impressed by the level of service and friendliness. I’ll be coming here from now on for my prescriptions. Even better, supporting a small business!

Went through the pharmacy drive through, previous time had a problem so was a bit nervous only to have the exact same problem. Which only started recently, my Provigil that is supposed to be low price came to over $600. When I told her that was incorrect this happened last time and what needed to be done to fix it, she rolled her eyes and said it was MY fault in the first place. She said I had to call my insurance company and then paused (someone was correcting her) and said oh I guess it is our end BUT this will happen every time and YOU need to call ahead. It’s going to be about 30 min before we can fix it. You need to come back. I explained I moved across town and already called the Walgreens close to me and they don’t have it and she said I needed to leave until it was done. Left and immediately had it transferred. Will never deal with Northside Pharmacy pharmacy again.