Told everyone it would be a 20 minute wait. I waited 90 minutes before they told me my insurance information was outdated. When I gave them my new info they told me to have a seat and it would be 20 minutes????. I had to leave Markowa Apteka Pharmacy and come back the next day. Never again

Markowa Apteka Pharmacy
Address: 831 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-389-0389

Markowa Apteka Pharmacy Even though sometimes you need to wait a little bit, Mr. Marek is the only one to take care of you. Honesty – incredible knowledge – experience this is Mr. Marek !!! If you want “THE REAL” help – this is the “PHARMACY” Thank you

I must have gone there on a bad day. I give the pharmacy kudos for helping out my regular pharmacy (who’s system went down) by filling their Rx’s along with their own. My low rating is because of poor customer service. I don’t thing the lady at the counter could handle the stress. She was rude and just pawned me off to another person. She may have been called in on her day off since she was wearing unprofessional tank top and jeans. I probably won’t have my Stromectol order here again. Sorry. First impressions mean a lot to me. being new to location everything is a little hard to get settled and adjusted. finding your bank, new grocery store,the gym..but the new pharmacy was a surprisingly easy experience thanks to the kind pharmacists and assistants. Omm Pharmacy LLC are so kind and helpful im very thankful for there help transferring over my husbands perscriptions so easily and with little to no effort on my part! If anyone is looking for a place to fill a script, buy online or ask a question about one this is the place to go.

Omm Pharmacy LLC
Address: 942 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-500-4928

I am so grateful for a local pharmacy to handle prescriptions. They are a home town store, so their hours aren’t like the big chains, but that’s okay. Omm Pharmacy LLC are always pleasant and have accommodated my last-minute refills every time I’ve asked. When my insurance has caused problems, they always resolve it for me. So, I highly recommend them! Today was my first time stopping by the Pharmacy I had the worst headache every Mr. Neil made sure I got some Stromectol and offered me some water to take with my medicine then he asked me what I was doing with that shirt on lol he is such a sweet and polite man with wonderful customer service and prices. I give this pharmacy 10 stars

Murawski Pharmacy
Address: 94-98 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-389-7600

Wish I could give negative stars cause the man who answered the phone was an absolute a-hole and berated me for asking a few simple questions about my prescription. Absolutely avoid this place and they’ll never be getting my business again.

I love shipping things from here, the staff is super nice. I brought a package already boxed up and after weighing it she told me it would be cheaper to switch to a USPS flat rate box, and helped me to switch everything to the other box. It’s nice to have people who care!

This is the ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PHARMACY EVER!!! If you want someone that knows you and takes the time to have a nice conversation with while you wait for not for hours on end like regular pharmacies but maybe 10 minutes, this is the place to go. Not only does it have a nice cozy environment the staff their are very friendly and knowledgeable but the owner? Is a truly wonderful person that honestly takes the time to know his customers and their families. He genuinely cares about his customers. Even the customers that I’ve seen in there seem to be in better moods once they’ve spent a little time there. Murawski Pharmacy is BY FAR superior to anyone I’ve ever been. Neil goes above and beyond to help his customers. In this day and age it’s not very often you see someone that is genuinely a good person and is willing to help others. Not only are they fast, reliable, and friendly, the Stromectol are comparable to other stores and even if they weren’t this customer would still pick them over others just because of the experience itself. So if you’re looking for a smaller store that’s friendly, quick, sales, and cares this is the place to go!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed and deserves more than 5 stars!! I went to walgreens last night to get a prescription for my grand daughter that had an ear infection. They told me just ONE of the two prescriptions was going to be $312.99. I told them to give the prescription back and I came to Murawski Pharmacy this morning. I left paying under $50 for BOTH prescriptions that she needed. It took me a total of 10 minutes to get them filled!

Altru Chemists + Pharmacy
Address: 987 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-349-9009

This is the family-style pharmacy I have always been looking for. I have real relationships with my pharmacist team, they always answer the phone and make managing my health as easy as possible. From free home delivery to bridge requests when I’ve been stuck out of town, I feel very comfortable, safe and enjoy real convenience from Altru. Shop local and get great, personal results!

Frustrating store. I have to schedule at least 30 mins into my day just to pick up a Stromectol!!! Just to pick it up!!! It’s always a mess, they are always late and they will not let you know they don’t have it in stock until you’ve dropped off the script, then returned and waited 30 mins just to get to the register. Terrible customer service and takes forever to fill a prescription. We were forced to leave Altru Chemists + Pharmacy bc they stopped taking our insurance, so we switched to this Walgreens near our house. Pharmacy used to have my sick children’s called-in medicine filled before I left the pediatrician parking lot. Walgreens takes 4-6hrs or overnight, which is an eternity with a child who doesn’t feel well. Staff is short and rude & they mess things up with no apology. We would switch but there’s no other pharmacy nearby that takes our insurance since they bought out and closed rite aid. The absolute worst customer service!! I went there 3 times in a row and waited patiently for over an hour the first time. Ever since then, they have continued to be unprofessional, disrespectful, and ESPECIALLY judgemental even after calling hours in advance, only to arrive and have to come in and speak with a rude pharmacist about my medicine. Absolutely absurd considering its what they do.